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Governor Schwarzenegger Cutting Funding To Domestic Violence Shelters

First he tried to cut all the funding for Poison Control and now Governor Schwarzenegger is trying to cut out all the funding for domestic violence shelters. This man is going after programs that actually save the lives of people, and must be stopped. Go here, NOW!!!, to see what you can do to help before some woman dies because she has nowhere to go.

Governor Schwarzenegger line item vetoed the Department of Public Health’s Domestic Violence Program, which provides $20.4 million for 94 domestic violence shelters and centers.

Domestic violence shelters are often the only thing standing between victims and grave physical danger, and California’s communities cannot sustain their loss.

Services provided by these agencies include emergency shelter, transitional housing, legal advocacy, assistance with restraining orders, counseling and other vital support services.

“We are appalled to see the Governor eliminate funding to vital programs that save lives,” said Tara Shabazz, Executive Director of The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV). “State funding to domestic violence programs has been proven to save lives, and also millions of dollars in health care, law enforcement and other social costs. It is fiscally irresponsible to propose such cuts; the Governor is balancing the budget on the backs of our state’s most vulnerable citizens.”

“If the Governor’s budget cuts are allowed to stand, victims will not have a place to turn for help and lives will inevitably be lost.”

I blame this on all of my fellow citizens of California who voted for this idiot because he was the Terminator (and haven't voted since). This should serve as a warning to keep celebrities out of politics.

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First Duggar Grandchild Is A Girl

Update : Josh has told PEOPLE that the little girl due 20 October will be called Mackynzie Renée. Haven't these people ever heard of keeping something a surprise.

Josh and Anna Duggar will have a baby girl. Unable to keep any news to themselves, the sex of the baby was revealed on the Today Show.

Luckily for the planet, it looks like Josh and Anna want a normal size family. Josh told Meredith Vieira,“We’d be happy with two or three; I think children are a blessing, though. So we’re just thankful for the one that God has given us, and we’ll take ’em one at a time.”

Would You Want A Baby That Looked Like Jon Gosselin

Well, how about Jim Carrey, Bill Gates, Joey Fatone, DJ AM, or Conan O'Brien. Because California Cryobank(One of the most reputable companies by the way.) is offering their Donor Look-A-Likes program. The same team that matches photos of your partner to photos of the donors has applied their talents to matching the donors to photos of celebrities. Some of the celebs are obscure and some just plain ugly, but you too can have a baby that looks like your favorite celebrity. The cryobank isn't offering a Brad Pitt look-a-like or a Gabriel Aubrey. If they had a Gabriel look-a-like I would be first in line. They do have Joe Jonas, Jude Law, Heath Ledger, and Daniel Radcliffe.

It was just a matter of time before some cryobank offered this service. But what do you do when your choice is no longer on the A-list? Do you really want a baby that reminds you of some D-list bottom feeder.

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Who Has Jude Law Knocked Up?

Jude Law, who has three children with ex-wife Sadie Frost, has discovered he's expecting a fourth child with an unidentified former lover.

"Jude Law can confirm that, following a relationship last year, he has been advised that he is to be the father of a child due in the fall of this year," the actor's rep says in a statement. "Mr. Law is no longer in a relationship with the individual concerned but he intends to be a fully supportive part of the child's life. This is an entirely private matter and no other statements will be made."

Law, 36, next will appear in Hamlet on Broadway in October, and will star with Robert Downey Jr. in the film Sherlock Holmes opening on Christmas Day.

Why release a statement if he wants to keep it private? The statement is what is going to bring attention to the mother. Look at how the press hunted down Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate. And the British press makes the American paparazzi seem like angels, Jude did the one thing that ensures that this will not be a private matter.

The Jolie-Pitts At ToysRUs

Angelina Jolie took daughters, Zahara and Shiloh to ToysRUs. For all of their traveling and celebrity, they seem to be raising the kids kind of normal. They are allowed plastic toys and junk food. They seem to be skipping a lot of the middle and upper class pretension.

More pictures below.

David Henrie and Selena Gomez

Am I the only one who thinks that David Henrie and Selena Gomez will end up a couple when she turns 18? If I were Lucy Hale I would be dreading the day.

Fall Bonpoint Online

The Fall collection for Bonpoint is available to purchase online. But still no shoes.

Michelle Obama was seen shopping at Bonpoint during the family's trip to Paris.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise In Australia

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise had a bit of wintertime fun in Australia. Katie is in Australia filming "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark".

More pictures below.

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Taylor Momsen's Recipe For Disaster

Every week, teenagers around the country tune in to Gossip Girl to see Taylor Momsen play Jenny Humphrey – a high school rebel with requisite teen angst. But just to be clear: Momsen says she's hardly a typical 16-year-old in real life.

"I live a very adult life," the high school graduate (she got her diploma two years early!) tells Teen Vogue in the September issue, hitting stands August 4. "What am I going to do, hang out with high school kids? I just can't relate to what they talk about – it seems so petty."

And that includes high school boys. Momsen, who claims to have been in "lots of relationships," admits that she could never date someone her own age. "Boys are so much less mature than girls as it is," she explains. "I would eat a boy my age alive."

Instead, Momsen is eschewing the idea of a traditional college education, opting instead to take a few classes online, sing in her band, Pretty Reckless, and act, of course.

"I'm an artist; I'm not going to use trigonometry," she says matter-of-factly. "For most people college is a place where you learn about yourself, and I feel like I'm doing that already. I'm already independent."

But what about college friends? "I have such trust complexes," Momsen confesses. "I'm close to like, two people."

Still, all her insecurities seem to fade away when she steps in front of a crowd to sing her music. Having spent most of her life in front of a camera (Momsen began modeling at age 2), she's used to the spotlight, and doesn't mind if her Gossip Girl fans don't understand her rock star persona or her new look.

"I'm pretty, but I'm not, like, a 'pretty girl,' " she says, adding that she modeled her new 'do on a Joan Jett photo. "I know people were a little, um, taken aback. But it wasn't me that changed – it was just that I decided to start being myself."

Taylor Momsen is a little too grown for my tastes. Somebody should tell her that it is illegal for 16year-old girls to date men, no matter how mature they are. Her only real success is Gossip Girl, what is she going to have when it is gone?

The wildly successful Dakota Fanning has work and she still manages to relate to kids her own age. She's even a cheerleader. And even with her good girl image she was cast in The Runaways. I wonder if Taylor was even considered for a role. I bet producers guessed that there wasn't really anything behind the "rock star persona."

Problem With Bugaboo Takata

The Bugaboo Takata hasn't been released in the United States yet, but there have already been troubling problems reported in Europe. It seems that Takata (And Bugaboo is placing the blame squarely on Takata. They keep calling it the "Bugaboo car seat developed by Takata.) didn't correctly attach all of the handles to the car seat shells. So when the car seat is being carried by the handle they can detach. Also the car seat doesn't always attach properly to the stroller adapters. These are problems you would expect from a cheap car seat. Bugaboo is saying that they have had only three reported cases of the problem though, so it may just be a quality control problem.

Bugaboo has directions on how to check for the manufacturing defect on their European websites. If you car seat is affected stop using the car seat and return it to where you purchased it.

Bugaboo has been having a lot of problems with their products lately. There was a recall for the Bee and reported problems with the the Cameleon's handles.

Talk About Spoiled

I thought my 16year-old was spoiled because he has a larger tv in his room than I have (a hand me down from great-grandma), but now I see that he has nothing on this brat. A mother had a 98inch television flush mounted into her teen-age son's ceiling. Patti Deni says that her son spends a lot of time making and watching his own videos. And since most ceilings aren't made to hold to 300lb televisions, they had to build a new reinforced ceiling before they installed the screen, video projector, and projection mirrors.

You know the kid is just watching porn on this thing. And can you actually watch the tv anywhere in the room besides the bed (If you can it must be uncomfortable, imagine the crook in the neck.). I wonder how much weight he has gained since the television was installed.


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Saurette On Sale At Gilt

If you love Saurette but can't afford the prices, Gilt (the private shopping site) is having a sale. An $120 blouse is just $38, a huge saving. The sale ends 28 July. Gilt always has the best brands, including children's brands, on sale.

You do need an invitation to join the site. It's free to join otherwise. If you don't have a membership send me an email at mamanetbebeblogspot at gmail dot com, and I will send one to you. Or you can add your name to their waitlist.

iCandy Peach Blossom

While other stroller companies are busy issuing special edition fabrics and doodads, iCandy is trying to make a truly revolutionary stroller. The next stroller that they will be releasing is the Peach Blossom. It is designed to be a single or twin stroller like the Pear. On the frame of a single stroller you can even attach two car seats or carrycots. And if you only need to transport one child you can do that too. And while many strollers brag about their one hand fold,iCandy says the Peach will have one hand seat removal. Here are some of the features.
  • Peach chassis included
  • 2 seat units (one slightly smaller than the other) included
  • 2 carrycots included (one slightly smaller than the other)
  • 2 raincovers included
  • The larger carrycot and seat unit will fit directly on to the chassis to become a single pushchair
  • Numerous combinations of seat, carrycot and car seat positions
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Easy to manoeuvre with 2 children
  • One hand easy fold
  • Seat units and adaptors attach and detach easily with one hand
  • Seat unit hoods slide up and down to accommodate your growing child
  • Contemporary but practical design & fabric choice

Of course iCandy isn't available in the US or even online, but if you must have one call one of the European dealers and have it shipped. Warning, it will cost you a fortune in shipping.
Update: The iCandy Peach can be ordered here.

More pictures below.

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Murder And Mayhem Links 23 July

Phoenix Girl Raped By Four Boys
Four boys ages 9 to 14 raped an 8 year old boy. Last week they lured the girl into an empty shed where they committed the rape. And to make matters worse, the girls Liberian family has disowned her for bringing shame on the family. The boys are being held for kidnapping and sexual assault. The oldest boy will probably be charged as an adult. The little girl has been placed in child protective services.

16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor

I recieved the following reminder from MTV's public relations:

The finale special, hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky, will be an issue-driven forum on teen pregnancy. All six of the teen mothers profiled on season one of the series will participate in this event. Dr. Drew will discuss each girl's episode, specific issues and challenges and update us on what's going on in their lives now. This open discussion will provide a platform to address the controversial topics that were shown in season one: birth control, adoption, abortion, marriage, religion, gossip, finances, high school graduation and employment. During the show, Dr. Drew will field questions by members of the live studio audience, as well as select emails from viewers.

The special will air tonight at 10pm.

Maci is the one that I predict is no longer with her boyfriend. Even Catelynn, who gave her baby up for adoption, said that she felt sorry for Maci. And I am bummed I missed the chance to interview Catelynn (Busy hanging out with my kids, so I didn't read the email until after the show aired.) But you can read an interview that she did with another blog here.

Kelis Gives Birth

Update: The 7.8lb boy is named Knight Jones. In a video posted online Wednesday, proud papa Nas spilled the first details of the birth. "My son is born today, so shout-out to my son, Knight," the rapper says in a clip, which is stamped with Tuesday's date. "My son's name is Knight. That's what I named the young God, Knight," Nas tells fans in the clip. "Y'all heard it first. Don't believe nothing you hear in the media. I love y'all. Don't listen to that bullshit. I love y'all, that's why I'm here."

Kelis has gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. According to his lawyer,Mark Kaplan, Nas was not in the delivery room, even though he rushed to New York to attend the birth. Can't wait to see what they name the baby (If they can agree on a name.)

The pair had been scheduled to appear in court in their on going battle over money.

I guess the new thing in celebrity circles is to dump your husband while pregnant, and then to deny him access to the birth. Kelly Rutherford did the same thing this summer.

Kelis seems to love Twitter, so you may want to check her Twitter page for more details.

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Baby Dragged From Crib By Family's Dog

A Kentucky couple, excited about bringing home a new baby boy, are still reeling from their premature newborn's life-threatening injuries suffered after the family's beloved dog dragged him from his crib.

AJ had been home for less than 24 hours Monday when his parents, Michael and Chrissie Smith, went to check on him and found his crib empty.

Frantically, they searched the house and surrounding woods, calling 911 when they couldn't find him. Ten minutes later, Michael Smith found the family's dog, Dakota, with AJ in her mouth.

"We were downstairs for two minutes," Smith told "Good Morning America" today. "And my wife had an instinct. She just went upstairs."

Baby AJ is now at the hospital in critical condition. Born three weeks early, he suffered a cracked skull, broken ribs and two punctured lungs when Dakota took him from his crib.

"The priority is rest and just keep getting the meds in him," Smith said, adding that his son is as stable as he has been since the incident.

When the family first got to the hospital, it was a much different atmosphere.

"They took us to a consulting room with a pastor and gave us one more chance to see him," Smith said. "That was hard. I had a really, really, really, really, really bad feeling coming up to the hospital."

Smith said AJ's heart stopped at the hospital and emergency room attendants had to use tiny paddles to resuscitate him.

"When the doctor comes in and the doctor's pretty much crying, you know, you think the worst," Smith said. "But then, you just fight through it. He's a fighter. He's fought the whole way."

The family has had Dakota, a mixed breed Native American Indian dog, for four years. Smith said he completely trusted her and she was part of the Nicholasville family.

Smith said his family believes Dakota thought AJ was a doll and wanted to play with it. But experts say fear is one of the biggest reasons a pet may turn on a new baby.

"A baby could be something that a dog fears," Dr. Kat Miller of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said. "It feels trapped, it feels cornered, it could possibly try to drive the baby with aggression."

It's a kind of aggression that has been seen in headlines before -- an 8-month-old boy was killed in his New York apartment by the family Doberman. And, in San Francisco, a 9-month-old was bitten in the face and neck by the family's boxer.

Although Dakota is no longer with the family, Smith isn't calling what happened to his son an "attack."

"That wasn't the case," he said. "It was more of a snatch and grab. It was like, 'Here's my toy.'"

"I don't feel angry at the dog," he said, "But there's no way that dog could ever come back in my house."

He called Dakota "mild-mannered." The family's other dogs, including a black Labrador retriever, will remain in the house.

Dakota is at a shelter and no decision has been made about whether to euthanize the dog, according to a local newspaper.

Experts said these kinds of incidents can be prevented by keeping a close eye on both the dog and the baby and helping the dog accept the arrival of a new baby by familiarizing the dog with the sounds and smells of an infant.

"Dogs and cats, no matter how friendly and social they are, still have big teeth," Miller said. "Keep your baby safe by separating completely your dog and your baby when you are not immediately there to supervise."

You have to be extremely careful with children and pets. Remember the pet snake who killed the little girl a few weeks ago. Either the baby or the dog should have been behind a closed door.


Anna Duggar's Ultrasound

Luckily for all the fans of Josh and Anna Duggar, the family has posted Anna's ultrasound online. You can also see several other webisodes over at Duggars: The Next Generation.

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Second Safe Found In Murdered Florida Couple's Home

A safe found in the home of a slain Florida couple known for adopting special-needs children contained about $100,000, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN late Tuesday.

The safe is the second one belonging to Byrd and Melanie Billings of Beulah, Florida. The source said the suspects in the Billingses' shooting deaths believed the safe was the mother lode of valuables at the house, but were unable to get into it.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan would not confirm existence of a second safe and said he was "not at liberty to address that issue."

"I can only confirm the items we know were removed from the Billings home," Morgan said -- a small safe that contained prescription medication, family documents and some jewelry, and a briefcase that contained nothing significant.

Billings family attorney Crystal Spencer told CNN she had no comment because of the ongoing investigation.

Police have said a safe containing prescription medication, family documents and some jewelry was taken from the Billings home at the time of the slayings. It was found in a suspect's backyard, buried with bricks on top in what Morgan said was an "obvious attempt to conceal it."

Meanwhile, one of seven suspects charged with murder in the couple's deaths couple told police another suspect, believed by authorities to be the organizer of the slayings, was the lone gunman, according to court documents released Tuesday.

Frederick Thornton told police a man he knew as "Pat" was the organizer of the July 9 home invasion-robbery at the home, according to an affidavit in support of a search warrant.

Thornton said "Pat" -- whose description matches that of suspect Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Jr. -- was the "only shooter from the incident," according to the court documents.

The affidavit sought a search warrant for a minivan belonging to an eighth suspect, Pamela Wiggins, who is charged with being an accessory after the fact. In it, police said Thornton told authorities that after the robbery, he and the others involved rode in an older red van to an unknown location up the road, where a safe taken from the home was moved into a red minivan parked on the side of the road.

The group then met at an antiques store in nearby Gulf Breeze, Florida, where Thornton said he met a female who was in the minivan, the affidavit said.

The documents also said another suspect, Wayne Coldiron, admitted his involvement in the robbery and told police he went to a Gulf Breeze home that contained weapons used in the home invasion. A search of that residence found a number of firearms and ammunition, including a 9 mm handgun, the same caliber of weapon used in the homicides, according to the affidavit.

Coldiron told police a female named Pam was at that residence and drove a maroon-colored minivan, the document said.

In an interview with police, Wiggins denied any involvement in the robbery or the homicides, but said she was a friend of Gonzalez and he had a key to the residence "and permission to come and go as he pleased," according to the affidavit. Wiggins drives a red minivan, according to the documents. Property records indicate she also co-owns an antiques store.

Search warrant returns for Wiggins' van and suspect Donald Stallworth's vehicle were also released Tuesday. Numerous items were seized from both vehicles. Among the items found in Stallworth's vehicle were four 12-gauge shotgun shells, a pair of black gloves and two black stocking caps inside a backpack, the documents said.

Attempts by CNN to reach Wiggins and her attorney have been unsuccessful.

On Monday, Escambia County, Florida, Sheriff David Morgan said the suspects in the Billingses' slaying did a dry run of the attack at the couple's home about a month before they stormed the residence. And court documents said Gonzalez knew the victims and received financial support from them for a martial arts studio he ran.

Crystal Spencer, an attorney for the Billings family, said, "My understanding is, through speaking with the investigative agencies, that Mr. Gonzalez sought donations from a variety of community and business leaders and that perhaps Mr. Billings did not lend him money, but donated to this academy for children. It was ... a self-defense academy for children. But the connection goes no further that we are aware of."


David Henrie Shirtless

For all my readers who are teenage girls, this is for you.

More pictures below.

Super Cool Coloring Pages

Sorry about the lack of posts. I have been busy hanging out with my boys. I'm going to miss them when they go back to school, they are growing up so fast. In a couple of years my oldest will be going off the college.

I know there are other parents like me, looking for things for their kids to do to fight off boredom. Ruthless & Toothless has a small collection of printable (and free) coloring pages that are so different than the usual coloring pages you see. Link

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Murder and Mayhem Links 16 July

28 Year Old Babysitter Has Sex With 14 Year Old Boy, Asks Mom's Permission
Idaho babysitter, Summer Nelson was charged with having sex with a 14 year old boy that she was hired to sex with. She told the boy's younger siblings that she was in love with in.
Eighth Person Arrested In Florida Couple's Shooting Death
Florida police arrested Pamela Long Wiggins and charged with accessory after the fact of felony murder in the murder of Byrd and Melanie Billings. They are also searching for someone from the alarm company that was supposed to protect the Billings' home. The DEA has also become involved in the case.

Exchange Students Live American Nightmare
You always have to wonder how well the host families are investigated before exchange students are placed with them. I guess in some cases, not very well. Five exchange students were sent to Scranton, Pennsylvania where they were malnourished and neglected. One student was even placed in the home with a convicted drug felon and other ex-cons. The Aspect Foundation did nothing to help the children when complaints were made, Children and Youth Services finally removed the high school students.

Family Asks County For Damages After 8-Year Daughter Is Arrested
Evelyn Towry (who has Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder) was arrested after she acted out because she was unable to wear her special jacket in class. Her family is asking the county to pay half a million dollars in damages because the girl was handcuffed and taken to juvenile hall. The Bonner County Prosecutor's Office originally charged Evelyn with battery, but later dropped the charges.

Sandwich Cookie Cake

If you are like me,you can't decorate a cake properly to save your life. Williams-Sonoma has come up with the perfect solution, the Sandwich Cookie Cake. Bake your cakes in the two pans embossed with the word "cookie", and then add the filling of your choice in the center. It is like baking a giant Oreo cookie. $29.95.

Jamie Lynn Spears Dumps Boyfriend

Update: Jamie Lynn and Casey were seen getting pizza yesterday in Mississippi, so maybe things aren't over.

Just like teen couple Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston before them, some people just grow up and move on…

A source said, “Casey proposed when Jamie turned 17. He gave her a gold band with numerous diamonds and one larger stone, but now she has given it back to him. Jamie wasn’t ready to get married. It’s been more than enough for her to adjust to new motherhood for now.”

Update: A source has revealed that ever since his accident, Casey has been sleeping on the couch. Jamie got fed up and kicked him out. I guess she had grown tired of his couch surfing for this whole time.

Insiders have said that this has been a long time coming.

Seventeen is just too young to get married. Yes, getting pregnant probably was the best decision either, but almost all teen marriages end in divorce. He seemed to be a down home version of Jamie's former brother-in-law, Kevin. At least Jamie won't get stuck paying him alimony.


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Caylee Anthony Update 15 July

It has been a year since Cindy Anthony made the 911 call reporting her granddaughter, Caylee missing. Since then Casey has been charged with murder, and then the toddler's body was found near the family's home.
(CNN) -- One year ago, a sheriff's dispatcher in Orange County, near Orlando, Florida, received a strange 911 call. A small child was missing -- and had been for a month.

The child's grandmother was frantic, talking a mile a minute. But her mother seemed unemotional, disconnected from the drama around her.

So began the Caylee Anthony case, a mystery that became a nightly fixture on cable television and captivated true-crime buffs across the country.

Today, the tot's 23-year-old mother, Casey Anthony, is in jail, charged with first-degree murder, and faces the death penalty if convicted. She denies harming her daughter or having anything to do with her disappearance.

Her attorney, Jose Baez, has said that once all the facts are known, it will become clear that his client is innocent.

While reports of missing children are not unusual -- a Haleigh and a Haylee are two recent examples -- several elements came together in the Caylee case to make it a high-profile news story, said Robert Thompson, who heads the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

"The fact that it's a toddler had that really dramatic, 'this is our worst nightmare' thing. It doesn't get any more dramatic than that," he said. "Then, of course, there's Casey herself."

The 30-day delay in reporting Caylee's disappearance, along with the frequent release of police documents containing the personal details of the family's life, whetted the public's appetite.

"By that time, it becomes self-fulfilling," Thompson said. "Once the story gets into the inbox of places that cover this thing -- Dateline, America's Most Wanted, Greta van Susteren, Nancy Grace, Geraldo -- it becomes a packaged drama. We want to know how it turns out."

Caylee's body was found December 11, six months after she disappeared and just a few blocks from her grandparents' house. The remains were bagged and partially buried in a swampy, vacant lot.

Duct tape covered the child's mouth. But the cause of Caylee's death is just one of many questions that remain unanswered a year later. And the answers are not likely to come soon, if at all. Casey Anthony's trial, originally scheduled to begin October 12, has been pushed back until some time next year.

Thousands of pages of court files have been made public. Police questioned Anthony's friends and boyfriends, pored through her cell phone records, went through her computer, and seized her digital photo albums. They even analyzed her sleep patterns. But the picture that emerges is far from clear.

The story begins at about 9:40 p.m. on the evening of July 15, 2008, with Cindy Anthony's call to 911. The call capped a day in which she and her husband, George, a retired police officer from Ohio, received an impound notice and tracked down their daughter's abandoned white 1998 Pontiac Sunbird -- and then their daughter, Caylee's mother, who was staying with a boyfriend.

"I found out my granddaughter has been taken," Cindy Anthony told the 911 dispatcher. "She has been missing for a month. Her mother finally admitted that she's been missing. ... We're talking about a 3-year-old little girl!"

"I need to find her," Cindy Anthony continued. "I told you my daughter was missing for a month. I just found her today, but I can't find my granddaughter. She just admitted to me that she's been trying to find her herself. There's something wrong. I found my daughter's car today, and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car."

George Anthony told police later that the car gave him "a bad vibe."

"I got within three feet of it. I could smell something. You look up and you say, please don't let this be. Please don't let this be," he said in a July 24 police interview.

A cadaver dog confirmed for police the scent of human decomposition in the car trunk. Casey Anthony's friends told police she said she hit an animal with the car. But many of her stories did not check out, investigators said.

Although Casey Anthony has frequently fallen out with her parents, they have always insisted that she is innocent. They haven't visited her in jail for months, in part because authorities record the visits and release them to the public.

During the search for Caylee, some say Casey Anthony didn't behave the way one would expect of a worried mother. She went to nightclubs and sent hundreds of text messages to friends, according to cell phone and text transcripts and investigative reports released by police.

Those phone and text records also showed that she hardly mentioned her missing daughter.

At one point, police analyzed her sleep patterns, finding that the cell phone calls and text messaging ceased for only three or four hours a night at about the time Caylee disappeared.

For weeks, curiosity seekers camped out in lawn chairs outside the Anthony home, where the family had posted large flyers asking, "Where is Caylee?" When the crowd grew unruly, Cindy Anthony waved a hammer and George Anthony shouted back at the hecklers.

Authorities say they also found traces of chloroform, a knock-out drug, in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. And they said that on her computer, they found Internet searches of missing children and chloroform Web sites.

Investigators first labeled Casey Anthony a person of interest, and later, a suspect. She was indicted on a charge of first-degree murder on October 14.

But Thompson, the pop culture professor at Syracuse, cautions that the final curtain hasn't fallen on this drama.

"It isn't necessarily a slam dunk," he said. "We have the JonBenet Ramsey case to show that we may think one thing, and it isn't so." Early in that investigation, authorities said John and Patsy Ramsey were "under an umbrella of suspicion" in their daughter's death, but they later were cleared.

"These things are capable of twisting around," Thompson said. "But that's another element that makes them interesting."

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Nas Finally Responds To Kelis' Money Grab

Nas finally has responded to Kelis' claims that he isn't helping with the baby. In court filings he claims:
For starters, Kelis claims Nas raked in $11 million for his album deal. Nas fired back in legal papers, "I did not receive even half that amount"... claiming it's more like $4 mil. Nas claims his income is declining, and he's only pulling in $147,165 a month.

As for what he spends ... $71,371.96 a month, which includes $10,000 a month in clothing/hair/toiletries/personal effects.

Kelis, who is about to give birth to their child, claims Nas hasn't paid a penny for child or spousal support since he left her. Nas, who says he wants to be "fully involved" in the parenting of their child, claims he's agreed to pay $350 for a stroller, $450 for a baby sling and $1,598 for two cribs.

Nas thinks $5,000 a month is reasonable for child support since the kid will just be a newborn.

I have to agree $5000 is enough for a newborn. But $450 is too much for a baby sling. And she can go to a big box store and buy a decent stroller for $350. So she won't be able to get a Bugaboo or Orbit, but those aren't what most have. Instead of begging Nas for money, she needs to make her publicist work the phone for freebies.

Here are some recent photos of Kelis from Oyster magazine.


David Henrie's 20th Birthday

David Henrie turned twenty on Saturday. He celebrated by heading out to dinner with on-again off-again girlfriend, Lucy Hale and his friends. He posted the following message about dessert on Twitter:

“If I was on death row and was allowed one wish before I was brutally murdered, I’d die a happy man as long as I ate this.”

Am I the only one who is wondering when Disney is going to let David star in more television shows and movies instead of being part of the supporting cast. He has a huge fan base that would support him.

Minggu, 12 Juli 2009

Have They Found Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway's father flew a search dog and handler to Aruba to search for the missing teen's body on Friday, although prosecutors said they have no new leads in the case.

Ann Angela, a spokeswoman for the Aruba Prosecutors' Office, said the dog is searching a small reservoir in northwestern Aruba that witnesses have previously identified as a location where Holloway's remains might be found.

Holloway, from Mountain Brook, Ala., disappeared in May 2005 in the Aruban capital Oranjestad. She was 18 at the time.

Angela said neither police nor prosecutors have any new information in the case, but they gave Dave Holloway permission to search.

Dave Holloway did not immediately return a message seeking comment. His attorney, Vinda de Sousa, told The Associated Press he insisted on another search of the reservoir after a witness who identified it as a possible location passed a lie detector test in the U.S.

De Sousa said she does not know how long the dog and its handler will remain on the island, nor how much Holloway is paying for the search. She added that the search had been planned for some time.

Holloway's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, said she was not aware of the development and declined further comment.

Natalee Holloway was last seen leaving a bar with Dutch man Joran van der Sloot on the final night of a high school graduation trip.

No trace of her has ever been found despite extensive searches involving hundreds of volunteers, Aruban soldiers, FBI agents and even Dutch F-16 jets.

Dutch prosecutors have said authorities still lack proof they need to convict Van der Sloot, who has been arrested twice and released for lack of evidence.

Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

Steve McNair Was Cheating On Wife And Mistress

Girls, this is why you should never date a married man. If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you.

Former NFL star Steve McNair died at the hands of a girlfriend who faced mounting debts that included payments on a Cadillac Escalade he'd helped her to buy, and who suspected him of seeing yet another woman who was not his wife, Nashville police say.

"We can't put ourselves in the minds of people who do these terrible, irrational acts, but there is evidence she was spinning out of control," police chief Ronal Serpas told a news conference Wednesday.

Gunshot residue tests suggest Sahel Kazemi, 20, used both hands to fire the 9mm pistol recovered at the downtown Nashville condo where both she and McNair, 36, a quarterback who took the Tennessee Titans to the 2000 Super Bowl, were found dead Saturday afternoon, police said.

McNair was seated on a sofa and likely asleep in the early morning hours of July 4 when Kazemi shot him in the left side of his head from a distance of a few feet, according to investigators. She then shot him two more times in the chest, and once more on the right side of his head from close up.

Kazemi subsequently sat next to McNair and shot herself on the right side of her head, collapsing into his lap and eventually falling to the floor atop the dropped gun, police said.

"She, to us, was still a little kid and probably couldn't handle the pressure," Kazemi's nephew, Farzin Abdi, told the Tennessean. "She was only 20 years old, and he cheated on her and on his wife, too ... We never knew about financial troubles."

Kazemi, a waitress whom McNair began dating several months ago, told family and friends that McNair planned to divorce his wife for her, although no divorce record has turned up.

The murder-suicide capped 48 hours that began with Kazemi's arrest for DUI at 1:30 a.m. on July 2. McNair was with her in the Escalade at the time, and bailed her out of jail. About 5 p.m. that same day, she bought the pistol for $100 from a man to whom she had tried and failed to sell her Kia automobile. Earlier, Kazemi had learned that her roommate was moving out, which would double her rent to around $1,000. Kazemi also was liable for payments on both the Kia and the Escalade, which she co-owned with McNair.

Police also revealed that Kazemi recently had learned of another woman she believed to be romantically involved with McNair. On Friday, July 3, Kazemi remarked to an associate, "My life is a ball of s---, and I should just end it."

Clocking out of her job at a Dave & Buster's restaurant at 10:07 that night, Kazemi went to her apartment and then to the condo that McNair rented with a buddy. McNair arrived between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. to find her Escalade parked outside.

"Murder-suicide is clear given all of the evidence," police said in a statement.

McNair's wife, Mechelle, with whom he had four sons, has made no public comment. The co-winner of the NFL's Most Valuable Player honor in 2003 with the Tennessee team, McNair retired in 2008 after finishing his career with the Baltimore Ravens.

Coleman Family Murder Update 10 July

The coroner's inquest in the Coleman murders is today. A pathologist will testify that Sheri, Garett, and Gavin Coleman were dead before Chris Coleman even left the house. The inquest jury will determine if the cause of death was natural, homicide (Duh, isn't that obvious.), accident, suicide, or undetermined. The outcome of the coroner's inquest has no bearing on Chris Coleman's murder charges, and is just seems to be a waste of money.

16 & Pregnant Getting More Realistic

MTV's 16&Pregnant is getting more realistic. The first two episodes seemed to glorify teen pregnancy a wee bit too much. Most girls don't have boyfriends that can afford to rent them their own apartments. For a lot of girls it is an uphill struggle. Can't wait to see the update special to see what has happened to the girls since they were on the show.

Funny But Tacky Baby Photos

These photos were emailed to me. Thought I would share them with you.

More photos below.

Rabu, 08 Juli 2009

Raven-Simone Gave Birth?

Update: When did she give birth? The girl has been out on tour since the beginning of May. And for all those people saying that the baby can't be hers because it is too white. Little brown babies are usually born lighter with straighter hair. The skin darkens and the hair curls over time. But the dates just don't add up. And she looks like the type that knows how to use a condom.

This is another rumour that I'm not really buying, even though that baby does look like Raven when she was on the Cosby Show. Raven-Simone is rumoured to have given birth to a baby girl, Lilianna Pearman , in an Atlanta hospital earlier this summer. The father is said to be Jurnee Smollet's brother, Jussie Smollet. They aren't a couple, just best friends.