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Ice Age Trilogy Giveaway

Congrats Beth T., expect the Ice Age DVDs in the next few days. And thanks to everyone who entered.

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Nothing Elegant

Nothing Elegant over on Etsy has a million and one cute little things for your desk. And if you have a weakness for Japanese stickers look no further. Here are a few of my favorites.

Retro Style Mini Airmail Envelopes, $3.99.

City At Night Tape, $6.99.

Always Welcome Stickers, $2.99

Message In A Bottle Set, $12.99

School Bag PostIts $7.99

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Ice Age DVD Giveaway

I will be giving away copies of all three Ice Age movies. My kids love the movies, even my sixteen year old. And the youngest will watch them all day if given the chance. I will be picking a lucky winner at random first thing Wednesday morning. Enter by Tuesday at

Stella McCartney For Gap Kids

Stella McCartney's 70 piece collection for Gap Kids will be released next week. And I am so excited! I have been on the hunt for a simple yellow raincoat, and there is one in the collection. Stella is a mother of three and knows that kids don't like clothes that are not practical or scratchy. And the clothes will range in price from $14 to $128 for a jacket.

“I think [Gap] makes a great product for the price point, and I think that it’s really important for kids to deliver really high quality and have it accessible to people,” said McCartney. “I felt that I could get the right quality of product with them.”

The collection will be launched at "select" stores around the world. I really hope that the pieces will be online too, because many of us live in the middle of nowhere and still love fashion.

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Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty To Gun Possession

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to felony gun possession in a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday (October 22) stemming from a July 2007 arrest following his first headlining concert in New York. The rapper will be sentenced to one year in prison as a part of his plea deal and must also give up his passport. Wayne quietly told the judge yes when asked if he understood the terms of the plea he was making. Asked what type of gun he possessed, Wayne said, "A .40-caliber semi-automatic."

Wayne had black jeans, a gray coat, white T-shirt and blue Chucks. He was accompanied by the CEOs of his label, Cash Money Records, Bryan "Baby" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams.
The hearing began at 10:05 a.m. ET and was over in 20 minutes.
About 20 minutes after the hearing ended, Lil Wayne exited the building, covering his head with the hood of his coat. Photographers and reporters followed as court officials escorted him to his vehicle. In response to many reporters' questions, all Wayne said was, "What's up?"
Wayne will be sentenced in February 2010 and is expected to serve eight to 10 months, assuming good behavior. He must also appear in court in December for a parole update.
The incident took place in July 2007, when police pulled over Wayne's tour bus at around 11:30 p.m. on the night of his show at the New York's Beacon Theatre. They arrested the rapper for criminal possession of a weapon and another man on the bus for criminal possession of marijuana. Even before his show that night, Wayne made repeated comments from the stage about being hassled by police and threatened not to perform in New York again.

At least the serial baby daddy won't be making any more babies while he is in prison.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas From Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart always has the most creative ideas for carving pumpkins. A team of art directors helps, but sometimes the ideas are simple enough for those of us without the crafting gene.

Pumpkin Owls

Mouse Motel

Glittered Pumpkins

I love the owls most of all. Click here to see more ideas.

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Baby Sparrow

Nicole Richie and little Sparrow (Poor boy, they couldn't even give him a manly boy's name like Falcon.) will be on Friday's People Magazine cover.

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Steve McNair Update

A three-month CBS News investigation of the July shooting deaths of former standout quarterback Steve McNair and the woman authorities say was his girlfriend is raising serious questions about the police probe -- so much so that Nashville police late Monday night released new details about the case.

In the first of a two-part report on "The Early Show" Monday, CBS News Chief Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian had spotlighted some possibly faulty police conclusions.

The new revelations from police consisted of a 14-page case summary of their handling of the case. It provided some fresh details, including text messages between McNair and his 20-year-old girlfriend hours before the sexy young waitress allegedly shot him.

One message reflects a request for $2,000 from McNair to help pay her bills; others suggest she was stressed out and could hardly breathe, over money issues. Hours later, McNair transferred the money into her account.

But, Keteyian says in his second report, which aired on "The Early Show" Tuesday, CBS News has uncovered records of cell and text messages the Nashville police haven't made public.

Authorities have maintained from the start that Sahel "Jenni" Kazemi shot McNair, a 36-year-old married father of four who was almost a year-and-a-half into retirement, four times with a 9 mm pistol in the early morning hours of July 4 at a Nashville condo he rented with a friend before, police say, turning the gun on herself.

Police say she purchased the murder weapon from 33-year-old Adrian Gilliam Jr., a convicted felon who spent nine years in prison for second degree murder and attempted armed robbery. Gilliam told police he sold Kazemi the gun for $100, in a parking lot, two days before the deaths.

On July 8, Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas told reporters, "They transacted the deal ... and that, pretty much, is where that ends."

But gun powder residue tests on Kazemi's hands were inconclusive, and CBS News has learned there is little or no evidence on the gun sale -- just Gilliam's word.

So, Keteyian tracked Gilliam down to a Tennessee jail, where he's being held on federal gun charges related to the case.

In an exclusive interview -- no cameras were allowed -- Gilliam told Keteyian he sold Kazemi the gun on Friday, July 3, not Thursday, as police first said he did. Gilliam insisted to Keteyian that he barely knew Kazemi and couldn't even remember her name or how they met, describing a fleeting sort of relationship the U.S. attorney in Nashville, Edward Yarbrough, and Serpas portrayed as fact during a July 17 news conference.

"A casual exchange between two people," is how Yarbrough put it.

"He hardly knows who he's dealing with and yet he's selling a gun," Serpas said. " ... How they came together is probably happenstance."

But Kazemi's cell phone records, obtained exclusively by CBS News, tell a dramatically different story.

The records show all incoming and outgoing calls and text messages from Kazemi's cell between June 15 and July 14.

Not knowing CBS News had the records, Gilliam's father gave CBS News the cell phone number he says belonged to his son -- a "pay-as-you-go-phone" that's now disconnected.

CBS News ran that cell number against Kazemi's records, and it revealed that, in the three weeks prior to the deaths, Kazemi and Gilliam apparently communicated almost every single day, at all hours -- more than 200 calls and text messages back-and-forth.

The records show that, on July 3, the last full day of McNair and Kazemi's lives, she and Gilliam exchanged 49 texts and calls, far more than any other day.

"These communications are obviously more than someone in a casual relationship," Dennis Farrell, a former commander of a New York homicide squad, remarked to CBS News.

Asked by Keteyian whether, "When it turns out that he has lied about this," it ratchets up his suspicion about "whether (Gilliam) even put the gun in her hands or not," Farrell replied, "Yes. There's many, many questions."

Private investigator Wayne Black, a former detective, says he finds it disturbing that Nashville police took Gilliam's word for anything. "He's not only convicted felon, "Black observed, "he's a big liar. ... So, why did he lie?"

The cell records also show Gilliam was one of the last people to speak with Kazemi. He called her at 12:02 a.m. on July 4. They spoke for three minutes -- just two hours before, police believe, the deaths occurred.

That, says Black, is "a big deal."

Adding to the intrigue: Records show four texts from the same number to Kazemi after her death, including one the day after police had interviewed Gilliam.

"What should be done?" Black repeated a Keteyian question. "It's simple: The police should investigate further."

After months of "no comment," late Monday afternoon, in response to questions from CBS News, Nashville police said investigators have long known Gilliam's relationship with Kazemi was "more involved than initially believed."

A spokesman admitted the department was aware of the volume of calls and texts outlined in Keteyian's report, saying it was part what he called "the continuing investigation" since Gilliam's arrest. But, he said, nothing to this point in any way alters the murder-suicide conclusion.

All it does, it seems, is "open up an entirely whole new set of questions about the case," Keteyian concludes. The "big question," he adds, one he'd "like to see a lot more answers about," is whether "it was really (Kazemi)" who killed McNair and herself.

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Patron Terix 3

There is bumper crop of innovative strollers coming out of Europe in the next year. Patron will be introducing the Terix 3. It is a stroller designed for urban living, complete with a host of accessories, including covers and foot covers designed for hot and cold weather.

* full-aluminum 3-wheel chassis,
* comfort suspension,
* unique „edgeFlow” design,
* clip-A-go modular interface,
* built-in hand-operated brake system,
* height and angle adjustable handlebar,
* wheels – front 10” solid / rear 12” inflatable,
* reflexive safety marks

  • detachable, reversible, tilt-in space function,
  • adjustable footrest,
  • ergonomic backrest with enhanced lateral fixation and headrest,
  • removable PENTEX upholstery,
  • removable comfort insert for smaller babies,
  • adjustable safety bar,
  • 5-point harness with shoulder pads,
  • hood with summer mesh,
  • reflexive safety marks
You know when a stroller is designed for the European market by just looking at the storage basket. They aren't designed for carrying half of your baby's belongings in. And there is no word if the stroller will be gracing the shores of North America.

Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

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Butter Boy

Forget balloon boy, butter boy is sooo much cuter. You have to see this little boy's reaction to eating deep fried butter (Paula Deen would be proud.)

Video of Anne Frank Released

Little Boy Floats Way In Experimental Aircraft

There is video of the family speaking. Listen at the 42second mark. He's asked why he didn't answer his parents, and he says that "We did this for a show." Hoax anyone? Read my earlier update, I said it sounded like a hoax.

Falcon has been found alive and well at home. He was hiding in a box in the garage.

A sheriff's deputy is saying that he saw something fall from the balloon.

He wasn't in the balloon. Where is little Falcon? Hopefully, the little brother was wrong, and Falcon just wandered away. But it isn't looking good. And the family once was on the reality show, Wife Swap. I hate to sound like a bitch, but if the boy wasn't in the balloon could this be a hoax on the parents' part.

He's on the ground. It was a gentle landing. The fire department is shoveling dirt to make sure it doesn't fly away, and tying it down.
The Associated Press is reporting that the boy, Falcon may have fallen out of the balloon. Why were his parents building something that looks like an UFO? Oh, the sheriff said that the family never intended it to carry anyone, it was just a family project.

Authorities were scouring the skies Thursday for a 6-year-old boy who unhooked his family's experimental balloon-powered aircraft and floated away from home, sheriff's officials said.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department said the boy's family had been building an experimental aircraft that had a large helium balloon attached to it at their home, KUSA-TV reported. The aircraft was approximately 20 feet by 5 feet and covered in tin foil, the station said.

On Thursday morning, according to the family and officials, the boy got onto the aircraft and detached the rope holding it in place.

Several people in the neighborhood said they saw the aircraft floating over their homes and some snapped pictures.

Officials were scrambling to figure out how to rescue the boy. (Hate to say it, this thing is going to crash. What were his parents thinking leaving the balloon so unsecured.)

The craft, which is shaped like a flying saucer, has the potential to rise to 10,000 feet, Larimer sheriff's spokeswoman Eloise Campanella said. Sheriff's officials last saw the device floating south of Milliken, which is about 40 miles north of Denver.

No More Jon &Kate Or Their Eight

Our long national nightmare is finally over.

Jon & Kate Plus 8, which in recent months had become just about as fun as reliving your parents' divorce, will stop filming new episodes next month, according to the New York Post.

After Jon Gosselin, 32, forbade TLC from filming his and 34-year-old estranged wife Kate's eight children for their show, the network will try to squeeze out a couple remaining episodes from existing footage before putting the show to rest, according to sources.

Kate, who's previously said she relies on the show for her income, and who says the kids have been crying since the film crews left, hasn't commented. Neither has Jon, who said he put the kibosh on the show because had an epiphany about the harm the show was causing the family – and not because he'd been axed from a future version of the show to be called Kate Plus 8.

It's not clear whether TLC would restart the show should Jon change his mind about filming the kids.

I wonder how they will make a living. Are they going to have to get real jobs?(gasp) Kate will have to go back to begging for "love offerings" at churches. You know we will have to see them floating dlist celebrity events like all those other former reality show stars.


Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

Jaycee Dugard Speaks and the 1st Photo

Jaycee Dugard has already sold her story to People Magazine. The issue will be out Friday.

After being held against her will for 18 years, much of it in a backyard hell straight out of a horror film, Jaycee Dugard wants the world to know:

"I'm so happy to be back with my family," she tells PEOPLE.

Now living in seclusion with her mom, Terry Probyn, 50, and the two daughters – Angel, 15, and Starlit, 11 – fathered by her alleged kidnapper, Phillip Garrido, Dugard, 29, has begun the slow process of recovery. She rides horses, cooks meals and is thinking of collaborating on a book.

"They live a surprisingly normal life, considering the circumstances," says Terry's stepmother, Joan Curry.


Mamas and Papas Mylo Video

I found a video of the features of the Mamas and Papas Mylo. (Warning: Turn of the music, because it will quickly become annoying.) It looks amazing, and the fold reminds me a lot of the Orbit.

The stroller will weigh 12kg(26.5lbs).
Car seats that the Mylo will accept: Cybex Aton, Maxi-Cosi Cabrio and Primo Viaggio
And the price will be around £650 ($1027)

When Moms Speak

I actually used the phrase, "I'm not an expert on horse farting," last night.

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Google Voice Invitation

I am giving away a Google Voice invitation. Send an email with Google Voice in the subject line. Winner will be announced on Friday.

Polaroid Bringing Back Instant Film

Polaroid will be reintroducing instant film and the one step camera in 2010.

Murder and Mayhem Links 13 October

Attorney: Ron Cummings Doubts Wife's Story
What took him so long to see all of the holes in Misty's story? And if the mother took Haleigh, wouldn't she have taken the little brother too. Misty just needs to come clean with the fact that she went out that night and someone took the little girl while she was out partying.

Judge: Abortion Laws Protect Girl Who Sought Pregnancy-Ending Beating
This judge is an idiot. The 17year-old was 7 month pregnant. That isn't an abortion, the odds were in favor of that baby being born alive. The $150 beating would be an illegal abortion at best if it happened during the first trimester. And the reason she did this, because her boyfriend threatened to leave her if she didn't have an abortion. If they wanted an abortion they should have had one during the first trimester. And yes, the baby was born full term and is in foster care. But the girl is seeking custody of the baby, and if unsuccessful the grandmother will try to gain custody.

DNA Leads To Suspect After 19 Years, FBI Says
Dennis Earl Bradford was arrested after 19 years for the rape and attempted murder of then 8-year-old, Jennifer Schuett. He kidnapped her from her bedroom, raped her, slashed her throat, and left her for dead. Thank God it getting harder and harder for these monsters to hide from justice.

Adorable Photos Of Celebrities Taking Their Kids To The Pumpkin Patch
Is there only one pumpkin patch in Hollywood? You know the celebs are only there with their kids because the paparazzi are there. That's Dannilynn Birkhead with Larry.

Boys Raincoats

It's finally raining here in Northern California (And the way the way wind is blowing I am expecting more trees in my neighborhood to fall.). So I dug my son's raincoat out of the back of the closet, only to find that this is the last season he probably will be able to wear it. I've gotten my money's worth, I bought it for my oldest over a dozen years ago...for less than $15. So now I've started looking for a new raincoat. I want something traditional and yellow, not so easy to find these days. Here is what I've come up with:

Petit Bateau Yellow Raincoat, £50.
The price seems very expensive, but if I get a size 12 he should be able to wear it for at least three or four years. He's barely growing.

Elka Rain Set, £28.
Pants and a jacket, for half the price.

Rain Set, £29.50.
The biggest size is an 8, so he would only be able to wear it for a season or two.

All the prices are in British Pounds because I couldn't find what I wanted here. But all three items are available for international shipping.

Celebrity Births October 2009

9 October
Lou Soulola Samuel, Heidi Klum & Seal
  Hopefully Lou is short for Louisa, like Leni is short for Helene.
4 October
Hugo Bernard and Eli Nicholas, Jeffrey and Kasia Tambor

Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

Mamas & Papas Mylo

For a while all stroller companies were only interested in making strollers that were just reproduction of Bugaboos. Now they all seem to want to make strollers that set them apart. (I guess it is because Bugaboo isn't really about innovation lately. They just change the fabric of the canopy and call it a special edition.)

Mamas and Papas will be releasing the Mylo as their top tier travel system. It is part of their £20million, 5year product development plan that they hope will make them "the world's favorite nursery brand." And it is a thing of beauty with a sleek black, matte frame. Introduced at this year's Kind+Jugend, the Mylo is said to be light weight and easy to steer. The seat can be used forward or backward facing. And it folds at the push of a button. Instead of holding the footmuff on with snaps or zippers the company used magnets. The stroller can be used with compatible car seats, a bassinet, or the seat. By purchasing the stand you can use the carrycot at home as a baby bed, or pop on the seat for use as a chair.

(My favorite part is that it looks like a ergonomic desk chair in the reclining position.)

There is no word on release date or price. But British site, Baby Expert was giving one away, so I am guessing soon. And they valued the prize (Not sure if it was just the stroller, or the stroller, the carrycot, and a car seat.) at £1000, which is around $1600. I'll post an update when there is more information.

Murder and Mayhem Links 12 October

Lawyer Drops Misty Cummings As Client
First her husband dumps her, and now her lawyer has parted ways with Misty Cummings. Attorney, Robert Fields dropped Misty as a client after she didn't follow his advice and appeared on the CBS Early Show. Seems like all the rats are jumping off the sinking ship.
Cops: Husband Shot Soccer Mom As She Chatted On Webcam
You may remember Meleanie Hain as the soccer mom who made headlines last year for carrying a holstered handgun to her five year old daughter's soccer games on September 11th, but the gun did her very little good on Friday night. Her husband Scott murdered her by shooting her while she chatted with a friend online.
Dad Arrested For Shooting 4-Year-Old Son
Anthony Dunn, idiot, accidently shot his 4-year-old son in the thigh. He was only charged with child neglect and reckless handling of a gun. What do you want bet that the gun was unregistered.
Bride-to-Be Ivanka Trump: Work Before Babies
Ivanka Trump will not be rushing to have babies after she marries Jared Kushner on 25 October. Her focus will be on her career. She isn't ready for the "compromise" that parenting takes.

Victoria Beckham Joins The Other Mothers At School Fair...Wearing £11.5k Outfit
Victoria Beckham wore an £11,500 ($18,190 give or take a few cents), and still manages to look like a fashion disaster.

Jumat, 09 Oktober 2009

Alice In Wonderland Official Trailer

Misty Cummings Speaks Out

The stepmother of a missing Florida girl has said in a nationally televised interview that she believes other relatives may be responsible for the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.
Misty Cummings made her comments Friday on CBS' "The Early Show.
Cummings told the interviewer: "I feel like it's on the other side of the family that has her."
She did not name any relatives.
Haleigh was 5 in February when she disappeared from her father's Satsuma trailer home. Misty had been baby-sitting the two children of her boyfriend, Ronald Cummings, when Haleigh was reported missing. The couple married in April but now are planning to divorce.
A call to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office was not immediately returned.

Now that Ronald has left her she is trying to divert attention away from herself. I bet you she left those children alone in the house to go party, and someone stole Haleigh. Seventeen year old girls aren't always the most responsible people. She should have been going to school and hanging out with her friends instead of playing mommy to Ron's kids.

Halloween Costumes For Babies

Pumpkin Tutu, $39.99

Fisherman, $29.99

Lamb, $44.99

Dragon, $29.99

Mackynzie Renee Duggar

There's doting – and then there's Duggar doting.

Mackynzie Renée Duggar is in for an avalanche of family attention: She's not only the first grandchild in the reality TV clan, but she already has 17 aunts and uncles, plus one more on the way, since her grandparents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are expecting their 19th child in the spring.

Mackynzie was born at the home of her parents, Joshua and Anna, with a midwife and doula attending the birth. "Josh was excited to participate in the birth as well," says a family friend. "They are both so happy."

Josh has been front and center in his wife's first pregnancy – telling her the news that she was pregnant after she was too nervous to look at her own pregnancy test, and reading and singing to his daughter before she was born.

"I ask Anna what she needs," Josh told PEOPLE in July. "I talk to the baby and we involve her in our conversations. When Anna and I are talking to each other, we'll say, 'So, how do you like that, Mackynzie?' "

Although Mackynzie is his first child, Josh knows all about raising babies. He's the oldest child born to the Tonitown, Ark.-based Jim Bob and Michelle, who also are the biological parents of twins Jana and John-David, 19; Jill, 18; Jessa, 16; Jinger, 15; Joseph, 14; Josiah, 13; Joy-Anna, 11; twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 10; Jason, 9; James, 8; Justin, 6; Jackson, 5; Johanna, 3; Jennifer, 2 and Jordyn-Grace, 9 months.

The newest Duggar's name came from a combination Josh's cousin's name (Mackynzie) and Anna's middle name (Renée), but the couple hasn't completely committed to "M" being the letter to begin all their children's names. The Duggars famously have chosen "J" names for all their children.

Mackynzie Duggar's birth will be featured on TLC's 18 Kids and Counting special First Grandduggar, airing Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m.

Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009

It's About Time

The father of Haleigh Cummings, a Florida girl who disappeared in February, plans to file for divorce from the girl's stepmother, a key witness in the case, his attorneys told HLN's "Nancy Grace.

The move follows weeks of reported tension between Ronald and Misty Cummings during the search for Haleigh, who was 5 when last seen.

In papers expected to be filed Tuesday, Ronald Cummings, 25, cites irreconcilable differences in ending his short marriage to his 17-year-old wife, said Terry Shoemaker, Ronald Cummings' attorney.

Haleigh went missing from her father's home in Satsuma, Florida, on February 9. Cummings has made several public pleas for information in her disappearance.

Misty Cummings, then known as Misty Croslin, was the last person known to have seen Haleigh the night she disappeared from the family's rented mobile home. The teenager said she tucked Haleigh and her 4-year-old brother into bed about 8 p.m. and went to sleep herself two hours later, but awoke at 3 a.m. to find the girl missing and a cinder block propping open a back door.

Ronald Cummings called police and reported his daughter missing when he returned from work at dawn.

Investigators have said they do not feel Misty Cummings has told them everything she knows.
"The police have been telling me that I've been keeping Misty under my wing and that's why she hasn't talked to the cops," Ronald Cummings told a "Nancy Grace" producer Tuesday. "So now, here you go, I divorced her. So now go find my baby."

The Putnam County Sheriff's office said in August that "the evidence and investigatory effort has minimized the likelihood that Haleigh's disappearance is the work of a stranger." Ronald Cummings and Crystal Sheffield, Haleigh's mother, are not considered suspects, police said.

"Investigators believe that Misty Croslin-Cummings continues to hold important answers in the case," the sheriff's office said in a written statement. "She has failed to provide any sort of detailed accounting of the hours during the late evening and early morning of Haleigh's disappearance. Furthermore, physical evidence at the scene contradicts Misty's sketchy account of her evening activities." Shoemaker said his client told Misty Cummings he wanted a divorce on Sunday, and that the a divorce agreement was drawn up Monday. The agreement was sent to Misty Cummings' lawyer for her signature.

"He really didn't come to us and say, 'I want to file for divorce,'" said another of Ronald Cummings' attorneys, Brandon Beardsley. "My understanding is that this is something that he and Misty have been discussing for the last few days and they're contemplating it because they ultimately feel that it is in the best interest for both of them."

Misty Cummings' attorney, Robert Fields, told CNN he has not talked with his client and doesn't know her thoughts regarding the divorce. Fields said he had received the papers via e-mail but had not had a chance to review them. Asked what he thought the divorce would mean for the search for Haleigh, he said, "Probably nothing."

"You have to understand that ever since Haleigh went missing, they have been scrutinized," Beardsley said of the Cummingses. "They can't go out to dinner, can't even go to the convenience store to get a drink. ... The pressure of everything that is going on, the allegations and speculation, has been a stress on the relationship.

The two lived together for about six months before marrying in March. The divorce agreement provides no financial terms, according to Shoemaker.

On Monday, Misty Cummings left Satsuma to stay with a friend in Orlando, 50 miles south, Shoemaker said.


Jon Gosselin Makes Deal To Film Twins' Birthday

Jon Gosselin has spent much of the time since he was "fired" from Jon&Kate Plus 8 screaming  that he doesn't want his children to be on television anymore. So what did he go out and do...made a side deal to film the twins' birthday celebration with him.

An intrepid TMZ reporter called the Cupcake Cafe in NYC. The owner told us she got several calls from "a person from"Entertainment Something," ordering the cake and asking permission to shoot inside the bakery when Jon came a callin'.

When Jon arrived at the shop he had his eye on the cupcakes -- thus the name, Cupcake Cafe. Jon was surprised to learn the person from "Entertainment Something" had already ordered a cake. The owner thinks Jon paid cash, but that begs the question -- did "Entertainment Something" ultimately foot the $94.00 bill?

We checked TV Guide but no "Entertainment Something" is listed. So we took a shot in the dark and contacted "Entertainment Tonight." The rep said her show absolutely did not pay for Jon's cake.

But when Jon got the cake, an entertainment show was inside the shop shooting the "action." We do not know if the crew from "Entertainment Something" was inside the store, but "Entertainment Tonight" was.

Maybe Jon should have ordered the cake himself because they misspelled Mady's name. Or maybe he's so dumb that he doesn't know that it isn't spelled, "Maddy."


Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009

What's For Dinner

I tried a new recipe last night. This recipe for Cilantro Lime Chicken (I used pork chops instead.) was extemely simple and yummy. Actual prep time was less than 15minutes, even though you need to marinate the meat for eight hours. It is something you could prep the night before and pop in the oven at the end of a busy day.

I forgot to take a picture, but trust me this is a good recipe for busy parents.
Found at Gabriela's Kitchen.

Man Shops Globe

The Sundance Channel has a new show that follows Anthropologie's globe trotting buyer, Keith Johnson, around the world. We get to watch as he sources the items that turn Anthropologie stroes around the world into the beautiful vitrines that they are. And it is a reality show where the characters aren't crazy. Man Shops Globe premieres tonight on the Sundance Channel at 10PM E/P.

Selasa, 06 Oktober 2009

Nivea's Baby Shower

Nivea was thrown a baby shower in Atlanta recently.It was filled with friends and family. Lil Wayne wasn't there. But at the rate he is getting women pregnant he can't be expected to show up to all of his baby mama's showers. He wouldn't have time to work (or get other women pregnant).


Pottery Barn Halloween Costumes

Why not dress your children up as an gorilla and a banana?And you could dress up like Jane Goodall.

Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

David Letterman Apologizes To His Wife

David Letterman made a public apology to his wife during the opening monologue of his show. I am quite sure he apologized to his wife, Regina Lasko in private, and that this apology is squarely aimed at his audience.

"She has been horribly hurt by my behavior, and when something happens like that, if you hurt a person and it's your responsibility, you try to fix it," he said during his opening monologue. "At that point, there's only two things that can happen: Either you're going to make some progress and get it fixed, or you're going to fall short and perhaps not get it fixed, so let me tell you folks, I got my work cut out for me.”

He also said sorry to his staff.

"I'm terribly sorry that I put the staff in that position. Inadvertently, I just wasn't thinking ahead," he said. "And, moreover, the staff here has been wonderfully supportive to me, not just through this furor, but through all the years that we've been on television and especially all the years here at CBS, so, again, my thanks to the staff for, once again, putting up with something stupid I've gotten myself involved in."

I'm not buying the public apology. I think he is just trying to keep his audience, and the apology was probably written by some staff writer. The man is probably just sorry he got caught.

Murder and Mayhem Links 5 October

Kate Gosselin: "I Can't Sleep At Night...I Can't Pay My Bills

What about all the money she made on her own? Where is all the book money, all the speaking tour money? What happened to the millions they made doing the show? She claims that she will be downsizing.

Man Arrested In Beating Death Of "Housewives" Fiance Remains At Grady

Fredrick Richardson has been arrested in the beating death of Ashley "AJ" Jewell outside of an Atlanta stripclub. Jewell was a part owner in The Tap, and Richardson was an employee of the club. Richardson is currently in a local hospital, but the hospital won't release details of his condition.

The Woman at the Center of the Letterman Scandal
David Letterman was having an affair with Stephanie Birkitt. The staffer even appeared regularly on his show. Wonder if it was because she was having sex with him.

Phil & Teds Sub4

Am I the only one who thinks that the Phil & Teds Sub4 jogging stroller looks a lot like the iStroll prototype from a few years ago.

The Sub4 is being billed as the World's Fastest Jogging Stroller. The frame features a low center of gravity to increase speed, one hand control, dual brakes, and a 3d fold. But unlike many jogging strollers the stroller is based on high performance sports equipment. The shocks are like those of a racing bike, and the seat docks onto the frame like a ski boot. The Sub4 has a similar Aerocore seat to another upcoming Phil&Teds release, the Smart Stroller. I will post more information as it becomes available.

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

Jon Gosselin Is A Thief

The nasty war between Jon and Kate Gosselin just took its ugliest turn yet.

According to Radar Online, Jon cleared out the couple's joint bank account, leaving his estranged wife with just $1,000. (Kate is stupid. Didn't she think to remove his name from the account. I hope she has some money stashed somewhere. Didn't her mother tell her to keep a little secret money on the side, just in case this very situation happens.) Another account, set up for the Gosselin children, was untouched, Radar reports.

A source familiar with the situation confirmed the details of the report to PEOPLE, and said Kate plans to take legal action.

When initially reached for comment, a rep for Jon was unaware of the situation and had no comment.

The allegation against Jon caps an intensely bitter week between the couple, during which their TLC series Jon & Kate Plus Eight suspended production. The move followed the network's announcement on Sept. 29 that Jon was being dropped from the show, and him saying he wanted stop the show because it was damaging his children.

Speaking to CNN interviewer Larry King on Oct. 1, Jon, 32, said he last spoke to Kate "3½ weeks ago," and that she wants to keep the show going "for financial reasons.”

Asked by King how much he made from the series last year, Jon replied $1 million before taxes, $500,000 after.

Jon also told King that he had experienced an "epiphany" that the series was no longer in his children’s best interest. (Isn't it amazing that he didn't have this "epiphany" until after TLC fired him. If the show was still Jon & Kate plus 8 he would be singing a different tune.)

Rebutting Jon's claim about their kids, Kate, 34, issued a statement on Oct. 1 saying, "Jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, in fact, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was taping on Friday with the kids."

Although Jon has said he would like to put the brakes on the divorce, Kate's attorney, Mark Momjian, said on Larry King Live that the divorce case would not be delayed. "It's going to go forward."

Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

Atlanta Housewife's Ex Killed In Parking Lot Fight

Ashley Jewell, the onetime fiancé of Kandi Burruss, a castmember of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta, has died from an injury sustained during a brawl outside an Atlanta strip club, TV station WBSTV reports.

"It appears he was involved in an altercation in the parking lot and he received a severe blow to the head," Atlanta Police Lt. Keith Meadows told the TV station. Jewell was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Jewell, known as A.J., appeared regularly on the hit reality show, often clashing with Burruss's mother, who disapproved of her daughter's relationship. He and Burrus ended their engagement earlier this year.

Burruss reacted to the death with the following messages on her Twitter page:

• im just in one of those moods where i dont wanna talk, i dont wanna b held & told its gonna b ok. i just wanna cry myself 2 sleep, alone.

• I could never n a million years imagine this happening. please pray for AJ's children. that's who im the most concerned 4.

• im bout 2 giv my swollen eyes sum rest now. i just wanted to say thanks 2 every1 for their prayers. i gotta get up & go 2 my uncle's funeral

Burruss's publicist Lisa Nelson told the Atlanta TV station that Burruss, 33, a singer-songwriter who recorded with the band Xscape and worked with TLC and Mariah Carey, was "stunned and speechless" when told the news.

Police said they have not determined a motive for the brawl, but the investigation is still under way.

"We have developed a person of interest and we've made contact with him to question him about the incident," said Lt. Meadows.

NeNe Leakes, Burruss's sometime rival on RHOA, also took to Twitter: "RIP AJ from the real housewives of Atlanta! My thoughts & prayers r with Kandi, his children & family"

Costar Kim Zolciak tweeted the following message: "please Pray for my dear friend Kandi and her loss.I adored AJ and he will be misssed dearly"

Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

David Letterman Extortion Plot

David Letterman made a shocking personal confession on his CBS Late Show Thursday, admitting he was the victim of a $2 million extortion attempt and that he had had sexual relations with female members of staff.

Three weeks ago, according to a press release from reps of the TV host to PEOPLE and other news organizations, Letterman received a package whose sender claimed to have information about alleged sexual activity between the 62-year-old star and employees of his program.

Threatening to go public with the news, the individual reportedly sought $2 million from Letterman, the current late-night ratings champ told his studio audience Thursday.

"This morning, I did something I've never done in my life," Letterman said as the cameras rolled. "I had to go downtown and testify before a grand jury."

In his testimony, Letterman said, he admitted to engaging in sexual relationships with staff members. "My response to that is, yes I have. Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Perhaps it would."

He added, "I feel like I need to protect these people – I need to certainly protect my family."

Having initially contacted the Manhattan District Attorney's special prosecution bureau, Letterman helped participate in a sting operation, eventually meeting and handing a counterfeit $2 million check to the alleged extortionist – who was arrested on Thursday.

Letterman concluded his admission by saying this was all he intended to say at this time and that he hoped to keep his job.

Letterman and longtime girlfriend (since 1986) Regina Lasko were married in March. They have one child, a son, Harry, born in 2003.

Concord Transformer XT

Concord has another lust worthy booster seat, the Transformer XT. The seat is designed to be used comfortably by children ages 3-12. This is accomplished by a hydraulic adjustment system.

* Group 2-3 child restraint - Suitable from 15 - 36kg
* Headrest height and height and width of shoulder protectors are simultaneously and continuously adjustable at the touch of a button
* Sit/recline inclination continuously adjustable at the touch of a button
* Twinfix connectors extend at the touch of a button
* Belt guide opens and closes at the touch of a button
* Robust, double-walled safety shells in head and shoulder area
* Closed shell shape provides optimum whole-body protection in the event of a side impact
* Unique design with clear lines to suit all vehicle interiors
* Covers featuring the TRIZONE concept: depending on the requirements either comfortable, breathable or hard-wearing

£225 and it's not available in the United States, but if you really want it there is always eBay.