Jumat, 26 November 2010

Emma Watson’s Short Haircut

There are many celebrities that can be seen making the change from their traditional long hairstyles to cutting edge short hairstyles. Emma Watson is only one of the latest starlets to chop off her long hairstyle and make way for a fashionable short look. This look is very short, but she has the bone structure through her face to pull off the short style.

Are you considering making a change through your hairstyle and are wondering if you would be able to pull off a drastic change like this? Without cutting off the hair there are many things that you can do to determine how you would look. You can choose to make use of hairstyle software that can allow you to upload your picture into the system, changing your hairstyle to see how you would look with short hair like Emma’s or you can even make use of a very short wig that can be combined with the hair pulled up off of the face.

She has cut it all off and it looks quite great. It is a very fashion forward look that is sure to have her at the top of the short hairstyle list for 2010 and well into the 2011 season.

Minggu, 21 November 2010

Links for 21 November 2010

I still haven't figured out how to forward visitors from this blog to my new one. I keep getting an error message. So this is ten times less stressful.

Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept Cadillac's latest prototype has a built in hub for the Orbit car seat.
PCOS Doesn''t Go Away Just Because You Stop Trying To Get Pregnant Life just isn't fair.
Anthropologie Teeming Forest Tree Topper Anthropologie must be smoking crack. $498 for a cardboard and glitter tree topper.
More Information on Comotomo Bottles Prices for the adorable Comotomo bottles
Stella McCartney Kids Stella McCartney has her own kid's collection and it's very boho chic.
Mini Fleur de Sel Caramel Apples Bite sized caramel apples with a hint of sea salt.
Wee People Free People's collection of clothes for little girls size 2-6
Jennifer Delonge Milo Table Stylish child-sized furniture
Trick or Treating
Halloween Crafts for the Untalented These little glitter pumpkins would look great as a Thanksgiving centerpiece too.

Conceptual Baby Pram Never will be made but still great eye candy.
Gucci's Children Collection Surprisingly not all tacky logo tees.
Orbit Stroller Upgrade Program You still have a little time to get a discount upgrade to a G2 stroller frame and a Sidekick. Just $370
Safety 1st Sink Snuggler A Puj tub clone
PetitNest Tiffani (not Amber anymore) Thiessen has a beautiful line of baby furniture
Mamas & Papas Morph A baby carrier that has a harness in two sizes and a baby pod that can go easily change for one size to the next.
Comotomo Baby Bottles Stunning egg-shaped silicone baby bottles