Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

short hair blond hair cuts
This is a very settle kind of hairstyle, good for the super straight and fine ,healthy hairs. layers have been involved in this cut for that dramatic look soft and funky. After a cut a nice setting is being needed in this kind of hairstyle with some hot iron for straightening and hair gel for fixing the hairs.
Keira is wearing a layered bob haircut . Notice that nearly all of the layering on the top of the head is long. Long side-swept bangs make this a great hair style for anyone with a high forehead.

short hair photos
Actress and celebrity Keira Knightley, football player, bounty hunter, duchess and pirate consort, has short, straight hair in a tousled style with a fringe, or bangs. Her hair color is brown.
Short hair can look real pretty if worn correctly. There are a variety of short haircuts to choose from. These can change the way you look for a lifetime.
Many girls find medium hairstyles very appealing. This may be because these hairstyles can be as versatile as long hairstyles, and can be as easy to manage as short ones. With a length ranging from the chin down to the shoulders, medium hairstyles can certainly adapt to your every mood, preference, and style. You can opt to wear it down simply, bundle it up or just pin it back.

Short Hairstyle Picture
If you feel like you have a lot of forehead or deep forehead lines to cover — this may be the short cut for you. You can choose a long sweeping bang or pick an edgy blunt bang that accentuates beautiful facial features-especially eyes.
The boy cut can be a drastic move, but a striking one-think pixie or high energy woman. Not everyone can wear this cut because it is so short, but with the right features it is bold and daring.

Short Hairstyles For Mature Women
Actress and celebrity Jean Smart, a veteran of television shows like Designing Women, Frasier, Kim Possible, Samantha Who? and 24, has short, wavy hair in a pixie style. Her hair color is blonde and light brown over a dark base, with platinum blonde highlights.
A short hairstyle that rounds and narrows the forehead and exposes the lower face.

Short cool prom hairstyles for women 2010
The most important part of any girl's prom night is the prom hairstyles she wears.The most popular prom hairstyles are subject to change each year. This year feminine, wavy styles are popular, but edgy styles will also fit the bill.
In 2010 the most popular prom hairstyles are luscious curls or waves. Trendy and ideal for a women to look great and classy is layers around the face, fresh curls, and shoulder length hair. Soft twists combine those curls with styles that are half up / half down. For short prom haircuts you can use also large bangs or sultry bangs swept to one side.

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Links for 8 October 2010

I moved my blog to here, but a lot of readers are still turning up here. So here are links to the posts I wrote this week.