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Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce, Adopts Son
Sandra Bullock has filed for divorce from serial cheater, Jesse James. You can't really blame her, he was cheatng with some real skanks.

But the real news is that she adopted a little boy from New Orleans 3 1/2 months ago. Louis Bardo Bullock has been secretly living with Sandra since January. She plans on raising him as a single mother.

Tiger Woods' Alleged Gal Pal Joslyn James: I Saw Tito Ortiz Beat Up Jenna Jameson Three Times
One of Tiger Woods' side pieces, porn skank, Joslyn James has found a way of inserting herself into the Tito Ortiz- Jenna Jameson scandal. She is claiming that Tito beat Jenna on a regular basis, and that she saw it with her own eyes.

Jenna's father actually told the press, "The only thing Jenna was ever addicted to is her children." Hasn't she admitted to having a substance abuse problem in the past.

Selasa, 27 April 2010

Tito Ortiz Arrested For Assaulting Jenna Jameson

UFC fighter Tito Ortiz was arrested Monday (April 26) in Huntington Beach, California, accused of felony domestic violence against the mother of his twin boys and the world's most famous adult-film star, Jenna Jameson.
TMZ reported that Jameson had "visible injuries" when police arrived on the scene following an early morning 911 call — allegedly placed by Jameson's father — that sent authorities to investigate a disturbance at the home she shares with boyfriend Ortiz.
The 35-year-old fighter was handcuffed and taken into custody, and there are conflicting reports about whether he has left the Orange County jail. TMZ reported him released late Monday afternoon after posting $50,000 bail with a cashier's check, while MMA Weekly is reporting that the mixed martial artist is still being held in lieu of bail set at $25,000.
Updating from the Ortiz/Jameson residence, TMZ learned that Jameson intends to press charges and had already filed a restraining order. "I am completely shocked," she told the website. "Tito is a loving, sweet man, and I've always supported him through everything. For him to lash out at me like this is shocking, and I feel completely betrayed. Completely betrayed. And I feel bad for my children."
Jameson announced on her Twitter page that she plans to quit the micro-blogging site, writing, "I'm sorry to all of my fans, but I'm going to be quitting Twitter. I cant take any more abuse from ANYONE.. To my sweet fans...thank you."
In a statement to the Los Angeles Times about Ortiz's arrest, UFC spokeswoman Jennifer Wenk said: "We're all aware of it, and any comment would be best handled by the authorities."
Update Link: UFC Fighter Tito Orti Blames Girlfriend Jenna Jameson's Alleged Oxycontin Addiction For His Arrest

I'm not about to weigh in on the he said, she said bickering. But why is she using the children for photo props? Her reaction seems strange. You rarely see photos of the Jesse and Journey but all of a sudden she has them out for the cameras. Now is the time to spend some quiet time at home with the boys instead of posing for the photographers and heading out to Vegas.Because there may be a nasty custody battle coming and possibly some drug testing.

Photo Apps For iPhone

The iPhone is the new toy camera. I love how I can just pop it out and take a picture. And pretty decent ones at that. I have printed photos that I have taken with my iPhone 3GS up to 8x8. And I think I could push that up to 10x10 without much loss of picture quality. Here are some of my favorite photo apps (Most of them give photos a cool retro look.):

Lo-Mob has 28 different film effects. Also the app develops all the various effects at once, so the time needed to preview the photos is shorter. It was the first camera app that I bought. $1.99

Film Lab
Film Lab is an improvement on Retro Camera. Film Lab simulates the look of various classic film stocks. And unlike Retro Camera you can save your photos in full resolution, so you can create prints that are larger than wallet sized. I just wish it had the ability to play around with grain size. $0.99

I love Hipstamatic so much that I replaced the phone app with it. It is right there next to the Safari and iPod apps. You pay $1.99 for the standard equipment pack which contains 3 lens, 3 films and a flash. Then if you find that you love the app (And you will love it.) you can purchase several expansion packs for $0.99

The people behind Hipstamatic have come out with a new app, SwankoLab. It aims to recreate the feel of the darkroom. You can even mix up and save your formulas. The $1.99 purchase price  gives you access to 8 "chemicals", and for an additional $1.99 you can purchase a lifetime subscription that gives you 9 more chemicals and free chemicals with each update. It's fun to play with, but I don't find myself going to it as much the other three.

The one problem with a lot of these apps is that they create square photos instead of the standard rectangular ones. I have found a photo lab that creates square photos starting at 5 inches. And I just love the Fuji Pearl paper, it gives the prints a beautiful metallic finish that is hard to recreate on a computer screen. Warning, it can give some Hipstamatic prints a green tint. myPhotopipe.

Senin, 26 April 2010

Kate Spade Bike Picnic Basket

This straw and leather picnic basket makes me want to pack a fancy picnic lunch and bike to some quiet spot in the country. The country isn't so far away, but it isn't very pretty and smells too much like cow. $325

Jumat, 23 April 2010

Sale Alert - Gap Shorts

This was in my inbox this morning and I thought I would share. The sale ends 2 May 2010.

Rabu, 21 April 2010

Links for 21 April 2010

Fleur De Lawn
I love this drought resistant lawn seed mixed with strawberry clover, mini daisies, Sweet Alyssum, and other tiny flowers. It's not a high traffic lawn, but would be lovely surrounding a path. I'm trying to do something similar with bluebells and violets in my back lawn. $29.99/lb.

Haleigh's Family Told To Make Funeral Arrangements, Did Cops Find Body?
The police have told Haleigh Cummings' family how to have the girl officially declared dead. They can either wait 7 years for the State of Florida to issue a death certificate, or they can request a judge to issue a certificate before the 7 years have lapsed.

This Is Apple's Next iPhone
Apple managed to lose the next generation iPhone and Gizmodo got their hands on it. Looks like the new hardware will have a forward facing camera, and an improved back camera with flash. The back is also flat and their is an aluminum frame all around the thing. But I main uses for the phone (besides being a phone) are the camera apps.

Lauren London On The Controversy Surrounding Her Pregnancy: 'It Did Hurt My Feelings'
Lauren London discusses her pregnancy and baby boy(Whose name she has managed to keep private for 6months), and Lil' Wayne.

Selasa, 20 April 2010

The Montessori Outlet

A lot of parents want their children to play with beautiful wooden toys, but they can be so expensive. So I was surprised to find out about the Montessori Outlet. The company sells toys based on the Montessori system at amazingly great prices based on authentic blueprints.

This lovely leather Buckling Frame costs just $9.95.

And I think the 4th box of the Color Tablets is one of the most beautiful toys ever, and Montessori Outlet is offering a set for $36.95. If I could only figure out how to play with it.

Senin, 19 April 2010

Fisher-Price Bounce And Spin Activity Center

While the  Fisher-Price Bounce N Spin Froggy Activity Center may clash with your couch, it looks like it would like it one hell of a good time. And that's what really matters. Fisher-Price could probably make it adult sized, sell it to bars and still have a hit on their hands. But back to babies. They don't always need to play with politically correct wood toys.The activity center will rotate 360-degrees and bounce up and down. And there are toys all the way around the seat to keep the baby entertained. And an entertained baby is a happy baby.

And since the Bounce and Spin is so small that you can hide it behind the couch when company comes over. I am so thankful that plastic toys weren't out of style when my boys were little. $69

Jumat, 16 April 2010

David Henrie Picks Fight

I know the teen age readers of my blog love David Henrie something fierce, so they will be sad to read that the 20 year old hottie was detained for trying to pick a fight .

David Henrie, one of the stars of the Disney Channel hit show "Wizards of Waverly Place," was cited last night for allegedly trying to start a fight at a popular Los Angeles shopping center.

Henrie, 20, and his 16-year-old brother Lorenzo were detained at Universal CityWalk late last night. They were both cited for challenging a person to a fight (similar to disturbing the peace) and released early this morning to their father.

Kamis, 15 April 2010

Haleigh Cummings Update 15 April 2010

Another high profile case may be reaching a conclusion. For the past few days divers have been searching a river for the body of Haleigh Cummings, and it looks like they have brought a handcuffed Misty Croslin to the site.

Divers and a police boat searched a Florida river Thursday as the investigation continued into the disappearance of 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings more than a year ago. A police boat in the St. Johns River appeared to be monitoring boat traffic, and a handful of divers were in the water.
The Putnam County Sheriff's office did not return phone calls Thursday.
Police searched the area twice earlier this week.
"At this point, this search has failed to yield any items of evidentiary value in the case," the Putnam County Sheriff's office said Wednesday. The office said it was acting on a "lead" but did not elaborate.

Deputies from four counties and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement began searching the St. Johns River south of Satsuma on Tuesday morning, CNN affiliate WJXT-TV in Jacksonville reported.

A helicopter videographer from CNN affiliate WKMG-TV in Orlando said he spotted witness Misty Croslin at a dock during Wednesday's search, motioning to investigators, who pointed to the murky water.

Croslin, who was Haleigh's stepmother, is in custody on drug charges. She was the last person to see Haleigh before she was reported missing.
Haleigh was 5 when she disappeared February 9, 2009, from the Satsuma mobile home where her father, Ronald Cummings, and Croslin lived. Cummings reported Haleigh missing when he returned from work at dawn.
Croslin told police she tucked Haleigh and the girl's 4-year-old brother into bed about 8 p.m. the previous night and went to sleep two hours later.
She said she awoke at 3 a.m. to find Haleigh missing and a cinder block propping open a back door.
An attorney representing Joe Overstreet, Croslin's cousin, said Florida officials questioned his client Tuesday.

Overstreet, who is from Nashville, Tennessee, was in the Satsuma area when Haleigh disappeared, said attorney Shawn Sigo. Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents flew to Nashville on Tuesday to question him, Sigo said.
Overstreet maintains he had nothing to do with Haleigh's disappearance, Sigo said, adding that he is "broken over this" and "knows he is being used by people whose story keeps changing."
Putnam County authorities said in August that "the evidence and investigatory effort has minimized the likelihood that Haleigh's disappearance is the work of a stranger." Police have said Cummings and Crystal Sheffield, the girl's mother, are not considered suspects.
Jail records show that Croslin was removed from the St. Johns County Jail, where she is being held on suspicion of drug trafficking, on Tuesday, WJXT has reported. The sheriff told the station she was brought to Putnam County for an interview.
Investigators have said they believe Croslin "continues to hold important answers in the case" but has not provided "any sort of detailed accounting of the hours during the late evening and early morning of Haleigh's disappearance." Authorities have previously said physical evidence contradicts Croslin's account of the events that night.
However, police have stopped short of naming Croslin a suspect in the case. In televised interviews, Croslin has said she does not know what happened to Haleigh but believes "the other side of the family" knows where she is.
Croslin and Cummings were both arrested in January along with three others after allegedly selling about $3,900 worth of drugs to undercover officers, authorities said. The two divorced following Haleigh's disappearance.

Selasa, 13 April 2010

Brittanee Drexel Update 13 April 2010

Update: Myrtle Beach Police have identified three or four "persons of interest" (fancy speak for suspects) in the Spring Break disappearance of Brittanee Drexel. They have not released  the names of the suspects. Sadly, they also believe that the 17-year old is no longer alive. The tips that led to the identification of the persons of interest started rolling in during December. More information can be found here.

Senin, 12 April 2010

Jonathan Adler Junior

Jonathan Adler has created pint sized versions of some of his most popular pieces. First shown at the New York International Gift Fair,the collection currently features a sofa, the Lampert,  and two chairs, the Templeton and the Addison. You can choose from most of the fabrics in Adler's collection or use your own fabric. Unfortunately, while the seating is pint sized the prices are not. Your sofa may have been cheaper. The chairs start at $995 and the sofa at $1750. And the prices peak at $3750 (More if you use your own fabric.)

So if your little girl loved Adler's real life Barbie's Dream House, you can create a mini version.

Rabu, 07 April 2010

Caylee Anthony Update 7 April 2010

I guess no one told Casey Anthony to be careful who you talk to in jail, because they will sell you out in a second. Because that's what has happened.
CNN) -- A woman who befriended Casey Anthony in jail told police that Anthony confided she would "knock out" her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, so she could go out at night while the child slept, according to a police report.

The inmate, identified in the document as Maya Derkovic, of Ocala, Florida, told police in a jailhouse interview that she used to talk with Anthony through the jail's ventilation system. She said Anthony told her she regretted having a child so early in life, and gave three different versions of the events surrounding Caylee's disappearance.

Another inmate, Robyn Adams, of Altamonte Springs, Florida, told investigators that Anthony said she used chloroform on Caylee to help the child sleep, the police report said. The mention of chloroform is significant because investigators found evidence consistent with human decomposition and traces of chloroform in the trunk of a car that belonged to Casey Anthony after Caylee disappeared in June 2008.
Caylee's body was found six months later, in a trash bag and wrapped in a blanket in a vacant lot near the home of Anthony's parents.

Hundreds of pages of jailhouse letters and investigative documents released Tuesday afternoon provide a glimpse into the mind of a young woman who seemed to have a darting attention span and who found Jesus in jail, wrote about a troubled relationship with her family and dreamed of what life would be like when she went free.

They'd go on RV vacations, Anthony wrote Adams in a letter dating from 2008, when the two were being held at the Orange County jail in Orlando, Florida. She'd dye her hair red or blonde so nobody would recognize her. She'd write a book, maybe turn it into a movie.

Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, has said he did not oppose the release of the letters because they contained nothing incriminating. The defense team elaborated on his comments in a statement released late Tuesday.

The letters "reflect the natural desire for companionship when isolated for 23 hours a day, and clearly demonstrate Casey's unconditional love for her daughter Caylee," the statement said. "Despite these intentions, it is obvious in the letters authored by Robyn Adams that her sole purpose and only goal in corresponding with Casey Anthony was to create 'leverage to get out of prison early.'"

Adams gave her letters from Anthonty to another friend, Tracey Neally, for safekeeping, according to the investigative reports. In her correspondence with Neally, Adams suggests the letters and notes might someday be worth something or lead to an appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"Thanks for doing something with Casey Anthony's notes, I certainly can't keep them in my cell with me since she is so high profile," Adams wrote Neally in a letter dated October 27, 2008. "I cry every day for my children and she is inviting me to Costa Rica??? "

Adams was convicted on drug charges in 2009 and is now serving time in federal prison.
Anthony has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and her lawyer, Baez, has said she had nothing to do with Caylee's death.

Written in a vertical, girlish hand, Casey Anthony's letters and notes include jokes, drawings and nicknames such as "Cookie," which is what she sometimes called Adams. And, they include scattered references to Caylee. But they offer no insight into how the 2-year-old died.

Anthony writes that she had planned to take Caylee and move away from Orlando but "my plans got beyond tangled" when a nanny wouldn't say where Caylee was.

"I had asked her to take Cays for a few days so I could put the rest of our stuff together, money I had saved, new clothes, new everything. That's why I waited to report her missing, because she was and wasn't. I would give anything to go back to that day and to not have let Caylee out of my sight."
When she mentions Caylee, Anthony often quickly moves on to other topics. Recalling photos she has of Caylee, Anthony writes, "Great, I'm going to make myself cry," and then adds, "Hmmm ... I wonder what I'm missing for lunch?"

In another passage, Anthony writes of a paternity test that showed a former boyfriend wasn't Caylee's father, adding "Joy to the world! I despise that loser and I pity him ..." She professes "unconditional love" for her daughter, saying that if it weren't for that love, she'd "end whoever is responsible" but does not elaborate.

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about Caylee and wish that I could have protected her better," she writes on another occasion. "I tried my hardest and it wasn't enough."

She also writes about the difficulties of living with her parents as a single mother.
"My situation with living at home with Cays and my folks, staying home all day and going out at night looking for Mr. Right, same exact situation. I don't know one single mom who doesn't try to get their freedom regardless of how old they are."

She continues, "That's one of the biggest things that truly cuts me when I hear them talk about me as a mother -- I was a great Mom! And I love my daughter with everything that I have. I would give my life to have her back even for 5 minutes. It's so frustrating!"

Anthony had little good to say about her family, although she briefly expresses concern for her father following his suicide attempt, after Caylee's remains were found.

One passage is typical: "As far as my folks are concerned, it's only getting worse," she writes in a letter to Adams. "They're really good at putting on the supportive face/person for the TV, but behind the scenes, it's a daily battle. Ridiculous, unnecessary and downright shameful, but what are you going to do? I just have to keep my distance and hike up my Big Girl panties."

In one undated note, she said she was molested by a family member and questions whether she might also have been abused by another. She wrote that she felt she received no support from her family regarding the allegation.

"The Anthony family denies that there was any improper sexual behavior in their family nor was there ever a time when Casey told them of sexually inappropriate conduct," said Brad Conway, the Anthony family's lawyer. (Maybe this is why there is a mystery as to who Caylee's real father is.)

In her letters, Anthony also writes about what it is like to be infamous and incarcerated. She bristles at being a curiosity for people on tours of the jail.

"Another day, another series of rumors and ridiculousness. The life of a celebrity, huh? Right. If only I were old and ugly, then they wouldn't care."(Somebody should remind Casey that being infamous isn't the same thing as being famous. She isn't a celebrity, she is just another sideshow.)

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Anthropologie C'est Magnifique Wallpaper

Skip the wall decals and hang this wallpaper covered with Paris landmarks instead. And since it has SureStrip, you can easily remove it if you choose to redecorate. $88

Jumat, 02 April 2010

J. Crew for Maternity April 2010

Since everyone seems to love my posts where I point out which J. Crew pieces could be used for maternity, I am updating it with new pieces for April.
 Shirred Racer Back Gown, $78

There are a couple new colors of the tissue pleated tee, $45.

Luxe Terry Un-Sweatpants. I haven't worn sweats since middle school, so I'm not loving these. But a lot of women live in sweats while they are pregnant. Just wear them pushed under your belly. The slim fit will keep you from looking like a slob.  $59.50

Lena Isle Dress, $59.50

Lilac Showers Shift Dress. I read somewhere that the dress is looser than it seems in the picture. $59.99

When is J. Crew going to realize that there is a real market for maternity. A lot of women are addicted to J. Crew and loathe giving up the brand while they are pregnant.

Kamis, 01 April 2010

A Very Little Warrior

A Very Little Warrior - 720p version from gombabacsi on Vimeo.

A short video about a very tiny knight in a very big world. It's a cute video to show the kiddies when you need to entertain them for a few minutes. And you can play it on your Iphone.

Links for 1 April 2010

Adam Walsh Murder Revisited: The Case Against Jeffrey Dahmer.
The Miami Herald is claiming that Jeffrey Dahmer could be responsible for Adam Walsh's murder. They seem to be ignoring the fact that most of Dahmer's victims were older, and he usually kept the heads. Their resources probably would have been better spent on looking for serial killers who were still active. But there probably isn't enough name recognition in that.
Health Care Bill Has Breaks For Nursing Moms
I used to pretend to be smoking. Companies never frown on that. You can just disappear whenever you like to smoke. And if companies can find time to allow you to smoke, which ruins your health, they can find time for you to pump.

The Ugly Truth About Angelina Jolie
InTouch Weekly interviewed a former bodyguard who claims that Angie is a bitch, the kids a basically props, and the magic is gone between Angelina and Brad Pitt. Isn't this the same old story that always gets published.

Selena Gomez Now Has An Official Site
And here is the link.

Baghere Long Woollen Cape

I know it is an odd time to add an 100% wool long, wool cape to a catalogue, but that is just what Little Fashion Gallery has done. I love the Anita cape from Baghere though. It's so pretty and old-fashioned. 146.32€